Technology performance

Ramsey Timber is committed to capital investment in the latest best-practice technology. We are the only timber component manufacturer in the UK to operate a high speed feed and stacking system from Danish specialist System TM. We call this ‘the 120 line’ as it machines components at 120 metres per minute. 

Our specialized multi-drill rigs, automatic and manual T-nut machines, and double- ended tenoners give our product range the breadth and depth to enable us to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your frame needs. Our value added production site houses three bespoke machines producing slat sets for bunk, metal and wooden beds. Multiple workstations equipped with adjustable jigs, lightweight staple guns and glue dispensers produce sub- and full assemblies. We’ve recently invested £80,000 in the Ramsey Auto Fastener, a specially commissioned, automated sub-assembling machine. The only one of its kind in the UK, an innovative auto-stapler that is very fast! Bar code technology allows us complete traceability and visibility from raw material to finished product.